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ECI presents at ICSG: Regulatory Issues and Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies in Europe: Effects on Copper and Copper Products

Lisbon, Portugal
31 | 03 | 14
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ECI will make a presentation at the upcoming International Copper Study Group, Environmental and Economic Committee meeting. 

Laia Perez-Simbor, Project Manager at the European Copper Institute, will give an overview of current European policies affecting the copper industry and copper-containing

products, including ECI’s experience in collaborating with DG Environment on the recently launched Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Initiative.

As part of its mandate to provide a global forum where industry and governments can meet and discuss common problems and objectives, ICSG meetings are held twice per year, typically in the Spring and Fall at ICSG Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. The meetings of the Study Group are open to government members, their industry advisors and invited observers.

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