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Can Copper Become Europe’s Climate Currency? Reducing EU Carbon Emissions by 25% in 2050

Bibliothèque Solvay, Parc Léopold, , 137 rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
15 | 09 | 15
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The European Copper Institute (ECI) is organising a conference entitled “Can copper become Europe’s climate currency? Reducing EU carbon emissions by 25% in 2050” to showcase how the European copper industry can contribute to Europe’s low-carbon future.

Driven by the need to remain competitive in the global marketplace, the European copper industry has, over the past two decades, aggressively invested in improving the energy efficiency of its production, waste heat recovery and recycling processes. This focus on ‘resource productivity’ has resulted in the industry reducing its own unit energy consumption by 60% since 1990. Today, European copper producers are amongst the most resource and energy efficient in the world.

Through a series of studies, ECI has identified seven copper-based technologies where early adoption or conversion to higher performing equipment and processes could unlock important downstream CO2 emission reductions across the industrial and residential sectors. ECI estimates that in 2050 these copper-based technologies could reduce total EU CO2 emissions by 25% - or 1,100 million tonnes per year (versus 2011 levels).

This conference, comprising keynote speeches and panel discussions, will introduce you to our industry’s decarbonisation plan and outline how it can contribute to EU industrial policy development. Two panel debates will consider:

  • How to deliver these savings? What is possible and when using copper-based technologies?
  • How can we cut emissions while simultaneously improving EU industrial competitiveness and job creation?

To view the event programme and/or register to attend this conference, please click here. There is no registration fee.
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