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11th International Energy Agency Heat Pump Conference

Montreal, Canada
12 | 05 | 14
16 | 05 | 14
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ECI will participate at the 11th International Energy Agency Heat Pump Conference

This prestigious world-industry conference takes place every three years under the auspices of the IEA Heat Pump Programme. The IEA Heat Pump Programme operates under the International Energy Agency, as a non-profit organisation where member-country participants cooperate in projects in the field of heat pumps and related heat pumping technologies such as air conditioning and refrigeration.

Paper presentation in the conference

Professor Guoliang Ding
will present on May 13th, 2014, in the section Technology Advances - Components the paper 'Experimental investigation and structure optimization of distributors used in heat pump air conditioner with microgroove tubes'.

By Guoliang Ding, Guoliang Ding, Guosheng Chen, Ruxu Zhang, Yongxin Zheng, Yifeng Gao, Ji Song


Adopting heat exchangers with microgroove tubes (tube diameter is smaller than or equal to 5 mm) may reduce refrigerant charge in heat pump air conditioners effectively, and can promote the safety use of environmental but inflammable refrigerants, like R290. However, the application of microgroove tubes makes the pressure drop on the refrigerant side increase sharply. In order to avoid the performance degradation resulted from the pressure drop increasing, refrigerant flow paths should be increased. The increase of refrigerant flow paths enlarges the risk of uneven distribution of two phase refrigerant among different paths, which makes the heat transfer area of heat exchangers cannot be fully used. Therefore, distributors are widely used in heat pumps to avoid the uneven distribution of refrigerant among different paths, and the optimization of distributors are necessary to improve the performance of heat pumps with microgroove tubes. 

In order to get distributors with high cost performance, meaning that distributors have simple structures as well as good distribution performance, three typical distributors:
1) the jack-type distributor,
2) the cone-type distributor,
3) the reflection-type distributor, are chosen to do the research.

The three typical distributors are tested in an open experimental system under working conditions of different installation angles and flow rates with water and air as experimental medium to figure out the influencing factors on distributors’ performance.

According to the experimental results, it is found that distributors have better performance under conditions when:
1) distributors have smooth flow paths and small mix chambers;
2) distributors are vertically installed;
3) flow rates increase.

Based on the experimental results, the three distributors are optimized. The optimized distributors have both smooth flow paths and small mix chambers.

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