About Copper

stacked copper bars 999

Copper can be viewed from many perspectives. It is an essential trace element vital to the health of all living organisms. As a metal, the many unique and beneficial properties of copper are highly valued in the world today. Historically, copper is one of the oldest materials used by man and can illuminate parts of our great history throughout civilised times. The production and use of copper are also vital parts of our economy."


tall building with copper facade low angle
For many centuries, copper has been interwoven with the story of humanity's progress. Do you know what are the properties that makes copper indispensible in the modern world?


copper production process closeup
From its original underground home in a mine to its use in a finished product such as wire or pipe, copper passes through many stages. Learn here about the processes that brings copper in your life.


multiple copper tubes angled end view
For many industrial applications, copper's performance needs to be expanded. This is achieved by alloying: making a solid material out of different metals.
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